Dustless refinishing


Dustless refinishing

When your wood flooring is starting to show its age, our team of flooring professionals at Express Hardwood Floors is ready to help. With more than 21 years of experience installing, refinishing, and restoring hardwood floors in Kansas City, our team will restore the original beauty to your aging hardwood floors.

What is dustless refinishing?

Traditional refinishing typically creates large amounts of dust, which can be harmful to people and animals in the home or office and damage your belongings. However, our experts use special containment system that collects about 90% of the dust as it is released from the floors. We are also very careful to seal cabinets with delicate surface tape and seal all doorways with plastic to contain any remaining dust throughout our process.

At Express Hardwood Floors, we'll restore your wood flooring to the highest quality possible while preserving its traditional look and charm. Our professionals will ensure that your project is completed with efficiency and the utmost care and attention to detail. We will help restore your flooring and showcase its natural beauty––without the dusty mess. If you are interested in residential or commercial dustless refinishing, contact us today!



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Should I Stain My Floors Or Keep It Natural?

You have the option of staining your floors or keeping them in their natural state with our service providing three clear coats of finishing protection.

We offer a range of stain colors to choose from, available at our showroom or in our website, and our service offers different stain options to complement each wood species. We encourage our clients to be present on the first day of service to give us final approval on their chosen color. We’re happy to consult with you and give advice on what we feel works best according to the type of wood and your personal preferences. We’ll ensure you feel comfortable about this very important decision.

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