Hire Express Hardwood Floors in Lenexa, Kansas

Why hire express hardwood floors for hardwood floor installation, repair, and refinishing?

Hardwood is a long-lasting flooring option because you can repair or refinish it multiple times. All you have to do is, hire a professional flooring contractor to install, refinish, or repair. If you are looking for expert hardwood floor contractors, choose Express Hardwood Floors! Their experienced professionals offer a broad knowledge of all types of flooring installation, refinishing, and repairs, as well as communication and customer service skills. They take pride in providing quality products at competitive rates, 95% dust-free, and safe work procedures to ensure your home maintains its integrity during hardwood floor installation in Olathe KS. Whether commercial or residential, Express Hardwood Floors has the experience, professionalism, and sportsmanship you need to make your dreams come true.

Stairs and trim

Express Hardwood Floors designs, crafts, and installs hardwood stairs for residential and commercial spaces. They also offer hundreds of standard and custom trim designs and colors to match your existing space and flooring. They offer a variety of finish and stain colors and hues as well as wood and texture styles to ensure that your stairs perfectly match your existing floors and lifestyle.

Custom work

Express Hardwood Floors specializes in custom hardwood floor work, including borders, medallions, and inlays. They work with you and your designer to take your vision and create a unique and functional hardwood floor that compliments your space. They also measure and evaluate your space and current flooring to determine what types of wood, flooring styles, finishes, and options best suit your needs.


They specialize in hardwood floor repair in Olathe KS for historic, estate, commercial, and residential spaces. They work with your historical conservators and design team to ensure that every step of the restoration process honors and protects the original flooring and concept.


Express Hardwood Floor offers hardwood floor refinishing services for residential, commercial, and historical sites. If your floors have gone dull or could use a stain change, refinishing is the perfect way to give them the lift they need.


Express Hardwood Floor offers hardwood floor refinishing in Olathe KS for residential, commercial, and historical sites. At Express Hardwood, we follow and exceed industry standards for sanding and refinishing services and use only the highest quality products on the market.


Whether it’s an existing site or new construction, Express Hardwood Floor will work with you to install hardwood floors in your choice of species, style, and finish. Schedule a consultation to measure and evaluate your space, discuss your options, give you an estimate, and schedule your hardwood floor installation in Olathe KS service.

Express Hardwood Floors Mission

To provide their customers and resellers partners the best possible buying experience through professional services, quality products, expert technical assistance, and exceptional customer service.