What to expect during hardwood floor refinishing in Leawood, Kansas

What to expect during hardwood floor refinishing?

There are many ways to bring new life to your floor. But, nothing is as beautiful as hardwood flooring Olathe ks. With style and elegance, hardwood still remains to be a classic choice for floorings. When done right, hardwood floor refinishing Olathe ks can dramatically and instantly improve the look and feel of any room’s décor. You’ll reap the many benefits, including increased durability, lifespan, home value, and ease of upkeep.

That said, as with any home improvement project, you should expect some disruption from your normal life. Knowing what to expect during hardwood floor refinishing Olathe ks can help you make informed decisions and plan your day with minimal disruption to your routine life.

So, what to expect during hardwood floor installation? Keep reading…


To refinish the existing hardwood floor, it’s necessary to sand the floor to remove the old floor and prepare the surface to install the new wooden boards and also ensure flatness and smoothness. As with any installation, the goal is to end up with a finished product that’s as smooth and even possible. Depending on the condition of the board, it might require several rounds of sanding for achieving the desired result.

During the sanding process, you might expect a lot of dust. While there’s no way to avoid the dust completely, you can minimize the mess by taking some measures.

Remove all the furniture, carpets or rugs, decors, and other items from the area where you are refinishing the floor. This will help the installers have complete access to the room without any hindrance. If your house is big enough, you can try and stay in other rooms. Please keep your pets away so that they’re not injured and don’t damage the floor.


Once sanding is over, installation is the next step. This can be an intricate process and take time, depending on the condition of the subfloor of the room. Since the wood planks are directly attached to the subflooring, any imperfections can affect the overall look and appearance of the finished floor. Installation can also be messy as it involves several steps, including removing or preparing the existing floor and cutting the planks of the hardwood to the proper size. After the installation of the floor, sanding might be required for achieving the perfect finish.

Staining and finishing

Staining and finishing are done to protect the wood from every day wear and tear. There are different types of finishes available and it is usually selected based on the type of wood, the foot traffic pattern of the room, and environmental conditions. Do not place the rugs and furniture. Replace them once the floor is completely dry and settled.

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