Hardwood floor refinishing FAQs from Express Hardwood Floors in Kansas City, Kansas

Things you need to know about hardwood floor refinishing

Hardwood floors looks great, adds warmth to your home, and when hardwood floor installation Leawood KS is done professionally. Typically, it can exceed the lifetime of many other aspects of your home. As it ages, with the wear and tear of everyday use, hardwood flooring can get scratched and dull. But unlike other types of flooring, hardwood flooring can make a comeback. Yes, all you have do is, hire the right professional for hardwood floor refinishing in Leawood KS. In fact, it is essential for refinishing to keep your hardwood flooring in good shape.

During finishing wood floors

You should plan to be out of the house for at least a week if you are planning for hardwood floor refinishing. This is because, for each coat could take a day or more. The sanding portion of the job is going to take a day or two, depending on the square footage. So, are you finishing wood floors? You need to vacate the house for a few days. The application of finish and color is the longest step since it takes time to dry.

Hiring the professionals for hardwood floor refinishing

Before you hire the professional for your house floor refinishing or hardwood floor installation Leawood KS, you need to ensure certain things to experience the result you deserved. For that, you have to inquire there years of experience, what type of polyurethane they used, how they handle dust control during the process, and more. It is the only way to get competitive pricing from multiple companies. Also, you have to shortlist the company that comes with the needs that you expect. Some will plan for a DIY project. But it doesn’t work when it comes to hardwood floor refinishing project. This is because, a single mistake here will be costly to repair and unsightly if you leave it. In addition, the best wood finishing equipment is not available for rent. So, instead, you need to know that only a professional can do it right.


You have to budget not only for the professionals’ work, but also for the cost to multiple coats of finish, stain, and sand. If you did not choose to replace the wood floors, then definitely cost is obviously a concern. In fact, it is one of the important factors why people are pursuing a refinishing job. So bring the prefect budget plan, and implement it properly and professionally.

Unlock the beauty hiding in those dingy wood floors

Whether you are planning for hardwood floor refinishing or hardwood floor repair in Leawood KS, consider hiring the skilled team to get the work done. So that you can unlock the beauty hiding in those dingy wood floors.