Installing hardwood floors from Express Hardwood Floors in Kansas City, Kansas

How to choose and install hardwood floors?

The choice of flooring is one of the most basic yet important decisions a homeowner has to make when undertaking a renovation, as it underpins everything else. While there are plenty of different options, from terrazzo to carpet, one material is the acknowledged standard: hardwood. Yes, choosing hardwood flooring, and hardwood floor installation in Overland Park KS is a significant investment. They are durable, easy to clean, and can drastically increase your property’s value. However, not all hardwood flooring is created equal, and so selecting a product isn’t merely a matter. Wondering how to choose the right hardwood floor for you? This guide will help you choose between solid or engineered hardwood, and walk you through the advantages of different hardwood species, which will be helpful for you to pick the right kind for your home.

Discover how to choose and install hardwood floors that will upgrade your home.

Hardwood Options

Finishes hardwood

Hardwood finishes generally have a longer warranty as they are longer lasting and more durable than site-applied finishes. This hardwood comes prefinished, which simplifies installation and eliminates dust, chemical fumes, and waiting time. Along with protecting the surface, hardwood finishes imbue floors with color and luster. You can also fit if your hardwood faces any issues with hardwood floor repair in Overland Park KS.

Hardness hardwood

If you’re on the fence, keep in mind choosing solid hardwood means scratches from a puppy’s claws or dings from a toddler’s toy can be sanded out and refinished over and over. Hard species, such as red oak, will withstand wear and tear, while softer species, such as pine, tend to show scratches. So, for busy households with pets and kids, it’s a good idea to choose the hardest wood species possible.

Wood species

Oak, maple, and cherry are among the most common species due to their hardness. These hardwood species vary in durability, grain patterns, and color.

Board widths

Parquet floors, with the distinctive geometric design, suit formal spaces. The traditional choice, strips give the illusion of more space, while planks impart a rustic look. Select from narrow strips, wider planks, parquet squares, and a new option squares and rectangles for your next hardwood floor refinishing in Overland Park KS.

The bottom line

Whether you are moving into a fixer-upper, or just looking for a change, figuring out how to choose the right hardwood floor for your lifestyle is a must. No matter what you choose, your hardwood floor installation in Overland Park Ks should be done professionally. Also, to keep your floors looking good for years, it needs preventive care and proper maintenance.