Debunked wood floor myths from Express Hardwood Floors in Overland Park, Kansas

Common hardwood flooring myths debunked by experts

There are some misconceptions about hardwood flooring, such as that they have high costs for upkeep. Typically, these theories are false, but many still believe them. As a result of these theories, many homeowners are turned off from installing the lovely hardwood flooring in Overland Park KS. Here are a few theories that we, business experts, have debunked.

Myth: Hardwood can never be built in a kitchen

Fact: Kitchens are among the most common for hardwood floor installation Overland Park KS. Floors of hardwood can survive extremely hefty traffic. However, mopping the floor on a regular basis can cause to look dull. As wood and water do not mix, the moistness from a wet mop can also harm the surface.

Myth: Hardwood easily scratches

Fact: Both flooring organisms and styles suffer from wear and tear over time. However, one of the only styles that can be restored and made to look fresh again is wood floors. It is not the wood itself that causes most of the damage, but the finishing. This can be quickly remedied by light sanding, completed by a finishing coat. For deeper scratches, it is possible to sand and refinish the surface.

Myth: Hardwood flooring is very expensive

Fact: Initially, a hardwood floor can cost more than other flooring styles, but they are among the most cost-effective choices available. Hardwood flooring will last over a hundred years if properly installed and maintained. Throughout its lifespan, hardwood can be sanded and refinished several times. It can also be adapted to any shift in decor or style of design.

Myth: When you intend to sell your home, you should not invest in hardwood flooring

Fact: A hardwood floor has the potential to add tremendous value to your house. For hardwood flooring, some buyers are willing to pay extra. They are more attractive because they are easy to clean and, thus, ideal for both kids and adults. Also, this could be a sophisticated choice for homeowners who plot to keep amused a lot of visitors.

Myth: Engineered timber can’t be treated as real wood
Fact: Engineered wood is a hardwood type. Several layers of wood and wood veneers are composed of engineered wood planks. The glue used to fix the veneers together and the finish added for safety is the only part that is non-wood. They are made of real wood and, when built, look just the same as solid hardwood flooring.

Myth: Hardwood is unable to endure wear and tear by pets and kids

Fact: Hardwood floors have the features to fit any lifestyle. Various hardwood species and forms have varying degrees of hardness and durability. A further contributor to overall longevity is the finishing. Many of the finishing wood products available on the market will reduce the degree of wear and tear on the wood.

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