Reasons to avoid DIY Hardwood refinishing from Express Hardwood Floors in Overland Park, Kansas

4 reasons why DIY hardwood floor refinishing is a bad idea

Does your hardwood floor require refinishing? Chances are you are thinking about doing it yourself. Refinishing might seem like an easy thing to do, but that isn’t the case. Hardwood floor refinishing in Olathe KS usually require adequate skill, time, and effort to accomplish. You would realize how tedious the process is, when you’re midway through the project. Any mistake you make in the process will also lead to costly repairs and other complexities with your property. Here are four reasons why DIY hardwood floor refinishing is never a good idea.


Professionals specialized in hardwood floor refinishing will be doing the work every single day for different clients. The experience they garner over time will help develop their knowledge on the technique. This means that the experts will implement only the right measures to make your hardwood floors look as good as new. Also, they will ensure that the entire hardwood floor refinishing project will be done well within deadline. On the other hand, DIYers don’t really plan the project and end up working on it for weeks.

Advanced equipment:

A typical hardwood floor refinishing Olathe KS project will require the use of advanced equipment that isn’t easily accessible to an average homeowner. For instance, a drum sander and edger are two important pieces of machinery that will be required for this work. These are not easy to operate unless you get the guidance of an expert.

You will also require safety equipment such as glasses, breathing mask, and ear protection. The experts will know what tools will be required to successfully complete the project. Not to mention they use the best quality equipment that typically cost a premium. So when you hire a team of experts, you actually benefit from the use of such advanced machinery without breaking the bank.

Refinishing is no easy job:

As mentioned before, DIYers wouldn’t know how intense hardwood floor refinishing is until they start doing it themselves. There’s more room for error, so you should be extra careful when you handle the equipment. Refinishing can also make your place messy, therefore you should spend a considerable amount of time cleaning up over and over again. Besides executing the work perfectly, you are supposed to eliminate the overwhelming mess of sawdust and debris. The floor must be cleaned thoroughly, else any debris left will stick with the coat and make your floor appear dull.

Cost effective:

If you are doing hardwood floor refinishing by yourself, any mistake you make will incur additional expenses in the form of hardwood flooring repairs in Olathe KS. You may also think that replacing your floor might be a better idea, but it can be significantly expensive. The ideal thing to do is contacting the experts and asking for their guidance. Their expertise will prevent any chances of error and the tools they have will bring about the best results.

Make no second thoughts and get in touch with a reliable service specialized in hardwood flooring in Olathe KS for refinishing or repairs.